How to choose a good WordPress hosting provider?

Trends come and trends go but one that seems to hang on for a while is that little thing that goes under the name “blogs”. It once started out as a fun way of sharing ones experiences with the rest of the world but now it has grown even bigger. Major companies and brands are nowadays using blogs to connect with their potential clients. One of the great benefits with blogs is that it is easy to match the blog platform with blog-friendly web hosting plans.

More About Blogs and WordPress

There are about a trillion reasons to why you should start up your own blog and one in particular, which is much of its appeal, is that it is extremely easy to use a WordPress blog. Even a complete novice will easily be able to start, set up and publish posts within a matter of minutes, no techy skills are required.

WordPress started up in 2003 and has since then been re-released in various versions, each adding to the user-friendliness. Many of your blog posts will probably be personal reflections and in choosing your own WordPress themes for the blog you will only add to that personal touch.

But first things first – start with downloading the software at and choose a web hosting solution supporting it. Important to mention is that the hosting has to support PHP, but most do so you will not have any problems finding great web hosting. Your web hosting will be “shared” which means that you will get a strong solution at a low price.

It is advisable to check that you are able to grow with your hosting provider if your blog were to increase largely in number of visitors. Many of the web hosting offers on the market are similar and a plan should at least include unlimited bandwidth, diskspace and add-on domains. Check web hosting forums as well as what your friends and colleagues have to say about their web host if you have no clue on which to choose.

So, gather all of your thoughts and start sketching out what your blog should be about. Perhaps are you a music enthusiast that wishes to share your thoughts on the old classic rock albums by the Rolling Stones. Whatever you choose to blog about we wish you all the best and hope to see you on the World Wide Web soon!

WordPress Hosting Checklist

  • Before WordPress version 2.7, it was required to update WordPress via FTP/SSH. The new version makes update much easier. To use the new update feature via the WP backend, FTP access or PHP user permissions are required. Be sure you have at least an FTP account for your WordPress hosting account.
  • If you blog for a longer time period, backups become more important, check that your provider will backup your site frequently. Don’t forget to ask if a restore is easy and free.
  • For better search engine optimization it’s important to have SEO friendly URLs. To enable those URLs your Host needs mod_rewrite/.htaccess functionality.
  • There are other functions or settings which should be enabled like: GZIP (compression), suPHP (security),  allow_url_fopen and/or cURL (plugin compatibility), XML-RPC (remote posting)

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