Widgets and your WordPress site

WordPress is the most used open source blogging software on the web today, it’s versatile, easy to install and makes blogging on your own site easy. While it has many competitors it has become the dominant system through a combination of themes and plugins which available for it. This combination makes WordPress not only a successful blogging system but also one of the most expandable and dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS).

Administrate WordPress the easy way!

Even a novice web designer can administrate a WordPress sites through its combination of plugins and themes, more recently with the early release of WordPress 2.2 widgets have made working with WordPress even easier. Widgets are mini plugins which drop into a theme without requiring any changes to the template this means that with widgets, sidebars and block regions can be edited without ever touching the template. To use a widget you need a widget compatible theme. These themes are referred to as widget ready and initially these were hard to find but as theme creators release new versions of their themes they are adding widget compatible regions, sidebars and footers.

While theme creators are busy making their themes compatible and widget ready Plugin creators are also developing widget versions of their plugins and today a wide variety of plugins are widget compatible along with the basic widgets available with WordPress. The combination of themes and plugins that are widget ready take WordPress to another level of ease for novice webmasters and allows more experienced developers to concentrate on their own projects without having to work on heavy customization.

Widgets and your WordPress Themes

Widgets are set to stay and are quickly becoming the standard way for plugins to interact with pages on a blog taking the some time daunting task of editing template files away from the blogger what’s more using a widget ready theme and widgets mean when it comes to upgrading your site there is no need to spend hours redoing all those hacks you made as with widgets the whole system can be upgraded without changing any lines of code.

If you’re planning a blog or site with WordPress there is no reason to not be using a widget ready theme and luckily today you have a wide range of choice of excellent free and professional WordPress themes.

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