How to Select an osCommerce Template

Which osCommerce Template should I use?

The good news is there is no right or wrong answer. But, finding the right color scheme for your osCommerce template can impact your sales.

Colors of osCommerce Templates As Branding

osCommerce template color choices are as important as which template you use. Humans are very visually oriented and naturally associate colors with the world around us.

osCommerce Template Colors – build on your brand

Most companies have logos and a defined color scheme. Some companies create such a strong brand that when you hear their company name, you immediately think of a color rather than a particular product.

Any osCommerce website should build upon a company’s existing color scheme and branding. Some of our largest companies have done that very well; Target – red, Home Depot – orange, and Coldwell Banker – Coldwell Banker blue. That automatic association did not happen by accident; it was part of their marketing strategy.

When creating a new osCommerce website, be sure to build on your existing brand and select colors that compliment and match your current marketing pieces, logo, or shop decor. Why throw away the work you have already done by using a totally new palette of colors?

osCommerce Template Colors – building a new brand

Perhaps your website is going to be the only place you sell your items. Since you are visiting this site and looking for osCommerce Templates, you are most likely just beginning your online business.

After reading the last few paragraphs, you should already be thinking about website colors and your company’s new brand. Since you are just starting, you have the opportunity to build that color association from scratch. Be sure to consider the topics that follow and make sound business decisions based on good marketing concepts rather than simply using a favorite color or colors for your template and osCommerce website.

Knowing your customer – colors have meaning

Complimenting your products though the use of colors goes beyond what simply looks good.

Every culture has traditions and beliefs associated with colors. Some believe the color white represents death – it would not be a good idea to feature that color on a website selling baby clothes in those countries. Some cultures associate yellow with the sun and happiness, yet in Greece it signifies sadness.

Colors are also associated with age groups, gender, and mood. Why else do so many toy companies use red, blue, and yellow? Or banks use blues and greens? Or sites and companies selling high-end items use black and silver or black and gold?

Think about who will be buying your products and choose your website template colors accordingly.

osCommerce Template Colors – focussing on products

You want your products to be the focus. You don’t want your background to overwhelm them. We all know this, yet quite often many business owners when selecting an osCommerce template, or any business website design for that matter, make this mistake.

Most osCommerce templates display a great deal of information on each page. Websites built from these templates should have a fairly simple color scheme. A busy or complicated background will detract from your items. Remember, you are selling a product, not your Photoshop skills here; put the focus on the right thing – your products.

Website Templates & Colors – the last word

Your osCommerce website should serve two purposes – showcase your products and invite the customer to buy them. osCommerce template driven websites are more like catalogs than traditional websites. Select colors to frame the items you are selling and to enhance your brand and image on the Internet.

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