Photoshop Tools Explained

Do you use all the functions from your (left) Photoshop toolbar? Actually I must tell that I didn’t know all the functions before I wrote this article.

Below you will see a screenshot from an older version, but the icons are still the same. Note there are buttons with multiple functions, you recognize them by the small triangle in the lower right corner. Just move the mouse above the button and hold down the left mouse button to get access to the “hidden” tools.

Adobe Photoshop Tools

We gave the different Photoshop tool types different colors:

  • Red = Selection, crop and slice tools
  • Black = Image manipulation or retouching tools
  • Blue = Drawing and type tools
  • Green = Annotation, measuring and navigation tools
  • Orange = Misc. tools to switch mask modes, colors and screen modes

Check also the Adobe Photoshop manual (Index -> Workspace -> Tools) for more information about each tool.

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