More Photoshop Tips & Tricks

In this post we mention several important functions in Adobe Photoshop and how-to use them.

How-to install fonts for Photoshop

Installing fonts for Photoshop is a very common task, even some “Photoshop professional” can’t answer this question.

There are different ways for different operating system to install the fonts:

  • If you are using Window, then simply right click on the font file and select Install. Or copy/paste all the font files into the windows fonts directory.
  • If you are using MAC OS X, then double click on font file and click Install Font button.

Shortcuts to the tools in Photoshop

Here are the shortcut keys the the tools in Photoshop, maybe you like print them and place them on your desk.

Move Tool: V Sponge Tool: O
Rectangular Marquee Tool: M Pen Tool: P
Elliptical Marquee Tool: M Free Form Pen Tool: P
Lasso Tool: L Horizontal Type Tool: T
Polygonal Lasso Tool: L Vertical Type Tool: T
Magnetic Lasso Tool: L Horizontal Type Mask Tool: T
Quick Selection Tool: W Vertical Type Mask Tool: T
Magic Wand Tool: W Path Selection Tool: A
Crop Tool: C Direct Selection Tool: A
Slice/Knife Tool: K Rectangle Tool: U
Spot Healing Brush Tool: J Rounded Rectangle Tool: U
Healing Brush Tool: J Ellipse Tool: U
Patch Tool: J Polygon Tool: U
Red Eye Tool: J Line Tool: U
Brush Tool: B Custom Shape Tool: U
Pencil Tool: B Notes Tool: N
Colour Replacement Tool: B Audio Annotation Tool: N
Clone Stamp Tool: C Eyedropper: I
Pattern Stamp Tool: C Colour Sampler: I
History Brush Tool: Y Ruler Tool: I
Art History Brush Tool: Y Count Tool: I
Eraser Tool: E Hand Tool: H
Background Eraser Tool: E Zoom Tool: Z
Magic Eraser Tool: E Default Foreground And Background Colours: D
Gradient Tool: G Switch Foreground And Background Colours: X
Paint Bucket Tool: G Edit In Quick Mask Mode: Q
Blur Tool: R Standard Screen Mode: F
Sharpen Tool: R Maximized Screen Mode: F
Smudge Tool: R Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar: F
Dodge Tool: O Full Screen Mode: F
Burn Tool: O

Note, some short cuts have a toggle function, hold down the SHIFT button and use them multiple times to access the function.

Selection and Pen tools in Photoshop

The marquee tool, the lasso tool and the magic wand tool. The marquee tool has four sub-tools the rectangular, elliptical, single row and single column, which are used for selecting various areas of the image.

The vector reference tool in Photoshop called the Pen tool, which creates a vector based reference that fills colours, gradients, masking, making selections and manipulating them according to the need. This is achieved by clicking on the canvas that creates Anchor Points to create various shapes.

To control the smoothness of the curve, the convert point tool is the ideal choice. This can be accessed by using the Alt key from the pen tool.

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