Important Photoshop Terms

If you’re working with Photoshop the popular photo editor you should know about these common terms.

What are Raster Graphics?
Raster Graphics are composed of pixels like bitmaps, each pixel can have its own colour, mainly used for web and for production.

What are Vector Graphics?
Vector Graphics are composted of lines that are based on anchor points (co-ordinates) and anchors (tangent to points). This could help in areas of distortion to maintain the quality. This aspect is used in Print Media.

The difference between Vector and Raster Graphics
Computer Graphics are divided into two aspects, The Raster and Vector Graphics.

  1. Color Information:
    Raster Graphics are made of pixels and hence store more color information.
    Vector Graphics are made of lines and hence store less color information.
  2. Scaling Up:
    When a raster image is scaled up it looses the color information.
    While no colour information is lost in case of scaling up of a vector.

What are Pixels?
Have you heard this term before and doesn’t really know what “pixels” are?
Pixels: Pixels are the smallest unit of an image which stores color information. They are also known as dots.

What is DPI?
DPI means dots(pixels) per inch.

What are Channels?
A computer monitor would display an image which is made up of a mixed output of three monochrome layers including red, green and blue otherwise known as channels.

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