How-to build a corporate logo?

Building a logo is a complex process, it’s not just a design. There are many influences you have to cover like, your brand, current company design, the material where you like to use that logo and many more. This article should help you before you start your designs.

Why do we have a logo?

Have you ever thought that why do we have a logo? or Why should we have a logo? I know you will say no, but you must think on this topic, here is why do we have a logo:

  1. One of the most important reasons to have a logo designed in the first place is to promote brand recognition and awareness.
  2. Another important reason to have an excellent logo design is to raise the impact of your website and/or product.
  3. A professional, eye catching logo immediately establishes an impact and the perception of a higher level of credibility.
  4. A logo needs to be simple enough to create subconscious brand awareness, but not so simple that its too generalized for your business. e.g. a fork and spoon for an Italian Restaurant just isn’t going to work. It needs to be specific to your business.

A good logo should be…

Do you really want to know what a good logo should be like?

  1. Reflects the company or organization well.
  2. Meets the need of the company and keeps the target market in mind (Is the purpose to sell something, advertise services or represent a group/event? Who is the target audience?).
  3. Is visually attractive and distinguished (It must be unique and not to be similar with other logos).
  4. Can be easily reproduced (The simpler the better in most cases).
  5. Uses a limited number of colors to cut down the reproduction costs.
  6. Will still look good when scaled down (For e.g. if you want to use it on business cards for instance).

Design a logo for online and offline usage

There are some very important considerations when designing a logo for an online and/or offline business.


  • Logo size is set and never changes. Its a permanent and is designed to accommodate all necessities like websites and visuals.
  • Logos that simply exist online can be as complex and colorful as desired, and need less scalability. Online logo design can make use of effects such as shadowing, gradients, and texturing that may lose their impact and cost effectiveness when put into print.


  • Logo size changes depending on the types of marketing materials used (eg: business card, yellow pages, brochure).
  • In the traditional world of printed products, it makes a lot of sense to limit logo design colors to a maximum of three or four, and less where possible. Printing costs increase dramatically with each additional color required. All letterhead, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and so on, all incur these higher print costs.

This about the theory, you see there are many points you have to think about before you start the design. One more tip, design a set of logos and present them to your target group, you will be surprised about the response.

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