Create a Quick Name Tag with Photoshop

Tutorial preview:

  1. Start with a large black canvas, in your layers window make a new layer set. Name it Quick Name Tag.
    Choose your rounded rectangle tool and set the radius setting to 20 pixels with anti-aliased checked.

    In a new layer draw a 164 x 30 pixels, white rounded rectangle. Use the fixed size setting under rounded rectangle options to make the exact rounded rectangle. If your name is longer than “yournamehere”, edit the width to fit your custom name.
    Add the following layer styles:

  2. Create a new layer and draw a tiny 5 x 5 pixels, black circle shown on the picture below.
  3. Duplicate your small circle and add two circle on the top and bottom of your origin as set up on the picture below.
  4. Add the same circle pattern on the opposite end of your tab.
  5. Choose your text tool and select font Eurostile from the list. Set the size to 13 pt, bold, crisp and black for color. In a new text layer type your name.
  6. Final Image:

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