Create a custom Web 2.0 Gradient Effect

The last time you must have seen logos, banners or text with some shiny gradient effect. This gradient overlay effect is quite common these days and people really love that effect, it looks good for many types of web elements.

The finished layer effect in this tutorial (find more examples below).

Creating this effect in Photoshop is not very difficult. We start in our tutorial with a simple text like:

Next double-click text layer to open the layer effects dialog box and continue to the gradient overlay effect. Select a simple two color gradient from the list to have a start and double-click the this gradient to open the gradient editor.

We have in this dialog a few sliders to change the Opacity (top) and the Colors (bottom). Use the following sliders for the opacity (from the left to the right):

  1. Location: 0% / Opacity: 0%
  2. Location: 50% / Opacity: 100%
  3. Location: 53% / Opacity: 0%

Make sure that both color sliders have the color white and click OK.

In the gradient window we need the following settings (check also the image):

  • (overall) Opacity 50%
  • Check “Align with Layer”
  • Angle: -90 degree

If you’re finished, just click OK and voila the effect is finished.

Optimization tips:

If you want the “Line” on a different place you need to change the possition of the gradient opacity sliders. How smaller the difference between the two “middle” sliders, how “sharper” the result.

Using this tutorial it’s possible to create the same effect for banners or buttons:

Want to check the PSD file in your own Photoshop installation? Download the example file here.

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