Common Mistakes on WordPress Blogs

WordPress is arguably one of the easiest and best ways to get a site or blog off the ground, and millions of webmasters use it. However, since pretty much anyone can build a site with WordPress, there are a lot of mistakes made and quite a few WordPress-based sites that are simply low quality. If you want to make a quality site, be sure to avoid some of the common mistakes described below.

1. Too many ads

WordPress makes it extremely easy to place ad blocks into your site, but that doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and add 10 different ads! Having too many ads looks very unprofessional, and though you’d think it would make you more money, it actually reduces ad revenue in many cases, as visitors get annoyed and leave. To fix this problem, just try to limit yourself to 1-3 ads per page. If you’re trying to increase ad revenue, change the placements of the ads and make them more prominent.

2. Comment spam

WordPress makes commenting on posts extremely easy, which is both a good and a bad thing. Real comments from real people are good, but it is simple for bots and spammers to post spam comments on your blog. Generally WordPress blogs don’t require registration in order to post comments, which means bots don’t have to do much in order to spam.

These spam comments add no value to your site, and they make everything look extremely unprofessional. Plus, if they have a lot of outgoing links in them, they can negatively affect the real outgoing links you have on your site. Enough spam comments can pretty much ruin your site. To fight comment spam, I recommend a plugin called Akismet. Akismet catches comments that are blatant spam, and leaves the legitimate looking ones. I also recommend a manual review of all comments, just to make sure everything is in order.

3. Ugly/broken themes

As you probably know, WordPress themes are very popular. There are literally thousands of these themes out there, and most of them are free. While that sounds great, the reality is that a lot of websites have horrible themes. They either don’t match the content of the website, are ugly, or simply don’t work right. I recommend taking your time when choosing your theme. Don’t choose hastily, and make sure you test the functionality of the theme and don’t just choose it for the looks.

4. Boring posts

Just because it’s easy to post on WordPress doesn’t mean you should post whatever you want. Remember, your visitors want to find valuable, worthwhile information on your site – NOT random things that the average person wouldn’t find interesting or entertaining. I recommend sticking to topics that you know well, and try to write in an interesting way. I also recommend writing in a personal way, meaning you should include your opinions and ideas in your posts.

5. Infrequent posting

Especially if you have a blog with a regular readership, it’s important to post regularly. Visitors want to see fresh content on a regular basis, and it’s your job to bring that to them. I recommend constructing a schedule and following it as closely as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to post every day – it could be every few days, once a week, twice a month, etc. The important thing is rhythm and regularity. If you’re going out of town or won’t be able to post for whatever reason, simply make a quick posts letting your readers know that you will not be posting for a while.

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