A Beginners Guide to Website Ownership

The internet is full of possibilities and starting a website can be one of them. Running a blog to post your modern times reflections, an interactive website for friends and family to join in creating you own personal space on the web. There are endless possibilities but the question remains for most internet-users; how do you start a website?

Step 1: Join a Web hosting plan

The first thing you should do if you are thinking about starting a website is search the web for a good web host. A web host will help you in creating a domain name, an address to your website, and storing you website files. Many web hosts also have customized services for beginner customers and often offer services like managed website hosting or free website hosting.

A web hosting plan will give you the basic tools to start your website. With a domain name, server disk space, bandwidth you have everything that is needed in launching a website. The next step would advisable be to decide which kind of website you want.

Step 2: Decide what kind of website you want

For website beginners luckily there are several systems offering dynamic and well-designed websites, often through open source or for a moderate sum. In this step we will talk about Content Management Systems.

Blogging has become very popular and most blog websites use free services from blog authorities like WordPress or Blogger. Using any of these blog-platforms you will be able to choose between thousands of web design – templates that you normally can edit through your blog admin.

These blog-platform are CMS, content management systems, and allow their user to easily maintaining and managing his/her website without any prior knowledge about programming or such. Through an individual control panel the administrator can log in at any time and edit the website’s content and often add function and applications by a simple mouse-click.

Step 3: Make the website grow

Depending on what your goal is with your own website after finishing these steps you will have some work to do. Start by taking at least an hour a day to add new content and maintaining your website. Important is also to learn more about search engine optimization, so that your website can get better rankings in Google and increase its number of visitors. An idea is also to learn more about advertisement on your website.

As soon as you have a steady flow of traffic to your website chances are you will be able to make some money on it. With affiliate marketing and Google Adwords you can post ads and banners and earn pay-per-clicks or CPA.

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