5 Must-Have osCommerce Add-ons

If you own a site that runs on osCommerce, you probably know about the number of add-ons that are available. Each add-on does something different, but all of them improve your site in one way or another. If you’re just getting started, here’s 5 osCommerce add-ons that everyone should have:

Ultimate SEO URLs

Ultimate SEO URLs is an add-on that allows you to create simple URLs that will not only look good to the human eye, but also to search engine spiders. Standard URLs are ugly and serve no purpose, but when you use an add-on such as this one, you will be able to change the look of all your URLs, and I’m sure you will start to see a difference in your SERP’s.

PayPal IPN Module

This add-on prematurely stores each order in the database, so that users who pay through PayPal will not have to return to the site in order for the order to be placed. This way processing of the order occurs immediately when the PayPal IPN notification arrives. This simplifies everything and makes for a lot happier customer base.

Discount Coupon Codes

This add-on allows you to make custom coupon codes for any of your items. You can custom-create the codes themselves, as well as the discount they give. But the features don’t end there – you can also create start and end dates for the codes, limit the number of uses for each one, and even set a minimum order amount for the coupon to become active. There are a lot of customizable features with this add-on, and everyone knows that having options is good. Plus, coupon codes often produce more business than normal sales, as people believe that they are getting an exclusive deal, and are therefore more willing to buy.

Order Editor

This add-on allows you to go back and edit any order, for any reason. Say a customer contacts you and asks you to add something on to their order. With this program, you can quickly and easily go back and change literally any aspect of the order. You can even apply discount codes and taxes, even in retrospect. You can also edit product information, and add completely new products to an existing order.

Product Extra Fields

If you’re sick of the limited number of fields in product descriptions, then this add-on is for you. This add-on allows you to add literally any custom field into your product description. Once the fields are added, you can activate or deactivate each of them, without deleting anything. So if only some of your products require custom fields, you can easily just press a button and deactivate any custom fields you have. Plus, if you just leave a field blank, it will not show up on the front end, so there are no blank spaces.

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